Once Upon a Time…

…is how all good stories start and this one is no exception. When a child is born their brain is nowhere near fully formed. In the first three years of a child’s life brain connections are being made and this is dependent upon the experiences they encounter. Therefore all of our staff are trained to talk to children in a way that develops their language skills, to provide stimulating activities and develop children’s growing curiosity in the world around them. There are twelve babies in our “Peter Rabbit” room and our key carers are all qualified staff trained to a Level 3 standard. There is a 1:3 staffing ratio in this room which enables us to give every child the time and attention they need and deserve.

Staff work very closely with parents, acknowledging them as the child’s primary carer and following their wishes and requests wherever possible.

As babies take their first steps they require more space to explore. Therefore sometime after a child’s first birthday or when they start to walk they move on to the “Winnie the Pooh” or “Rupert Bear” rooms.

There will be lots of opportunities for toddlers to use all of their senses at this stage and activities will include free art, exploration of sounds and music and opportunities to hear and practise language.

Using natural resources and the outdoor area, children will explore the world around them and enjoy simple activities that develop their curiosity and independence.

Once again we keep the staff to child ratio really low so that every child is cared for in a way that meets their needs.

Parents are encouraged to share in their child’s experiences by talking daily to their carer and by accessing the photo and video gallery which is available on our dedicated parent intranet.

We also input information regarding your child’s day to the intranet so that you can find out what they have eaten, when they have slept and what they have been doing. Only you can access this personal information making it a very individual service.

When your child is over the age of 2 they will enter the “Thomas the Tank Engine” or “Paddington Bear” rooms. Children are now developing their personalities and independence and this is encouraged and promoted.

Children learn best through play and the rooms provide lots of opportunities for them to select learning activities that promote all of the prime areas of learning; communication and language, physical development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. Our staff will guide and support learning for all of the prime areas and the core areas of learning too: literacy, expressive arts and design, understanding the world and mathematics.

At the age of three children move into “Peter Pan”, “Jolly Roger” or “Captain Hook” rooms and a qualified Early Years Professional leads the team of practitioners working with this age group. Music, dance, drama, gym and sport are added to the core skills so that children have the opportunity to experience a wider range of activities and develop a variety of skills.

Children will be encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings and make decisions about the activities they will take part in and how they will develop these activities. They will do this with guidance from their teachers whol will ensure that children are fully prepared for their reception year.