This is what parents have told us about their and their children’s experiences at Wellingtons for Langley Hall.

‘Our son has had a wonderful year at Wellingtons and we are proud and grateful for this opportunity and the peace of mind we have enjoyed. ‘

‘Sally has presented an excellent vision that has been shared and delivered by a dedicated and enthusiastic team. They have laid a secure foundation and pathway for children and parents alike. ‘

‘You have played a valuable role in our family and you will have a place in our hearts and mind for years to come. ‘

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for all the hard work that they do and for helping my daughter to develop into the little person she has become. ‘

‘Wellingtons is new and clean. The staff are friendly and approachable. I was lucky that my son settled in quite quickly, I think due to the staff being so adaptable to his needs. I am very satisfied with Wellingtons.’

‘It is nice that the babies get to do different things, especially painting. It’s lovely when I pick up my daughter and she has a picture to show me!’

‘My baby has become more sociable since attending Wellingtons, she is not as clingy and has more confidence. There is a good staff to child ratio and I always notice how clean the nursery is. ‘

‘Our daughter settled in so quickly at Wellingtons because she was warmly welcomed, encouraged to integrate into the new surroundings at her own pace and cared for by a member of staff whose approach was second to none. The warmth from the staff really shows in the children’s behaviour. Every day the children are well mannered, friendly, happy and blossoming. I can’t thank the staff enough.’

‘I am very pleased my son is part of such a fantastic and wonderful nursery.’